Back Packs Aug 18, 2016

With the beginning of the school year, the team here at Peak want to make sure parents know how to protect their children from back pack pain. Kids are going to complain about the summer ending anyway, but you don't want them to be complaining of… more

Roots of American PT Jul 13, 2016

Compared to many other medical professions, Physical Therapy is a fairly new field and is still rapidly developing. New strides are being made everyday to improve the rehabilitation of those that have suffered injury. For centuries, tactics such… more

Moving Forward Jun 29, 2016

Peak Fitness and Physical Therapy is striving to set new standards in the quality of care provided to the patients and clients in the Chattanooga community. To revolutionize the way care is provided you have to start small. We are an outpatient… more

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? Mar 16, 2016

Health eating habits 

March is National Nutrition Month and it’s a good time to review your health habits and status. You can do so following the guidelines of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that takes this opportunity to highlight… more