Pilates Exercise

pilatesPilates exercise was introduced to the physical therapy community to enhance rehabilitation programs by focusing on spinal or core stabilization. This particular method can be incorporated into a patient’s treatment plan to improve strength, range of motion, coordination, balance, muscular symmetry, flexibility, and their sense of proprioception. 

In comprehending current motor learning theories, and biomechanical principles, Pilates-evolved work can be perceived as a viable and effective method of movement reeducation. It is a method of exercise performed on the floor, on a mat, or on a spring-resistant apparatus. The patient, with the guidance of a physical therapist, performs efficient functional movement patterns, closed-chain and open-chain patterns, as well as multiple planes and positions, which provide multiple types of rehabilitation programming, for many different orthopedic diagnoses. 

Therapeutic Pilates offers a holistic means of creating a client-centered, wellness-focused rehabilitation that works with the biopychosocial model to create functional improvements for all our patients.

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