Sports Medicine and Sports Physical Therapy

sports medicineAthletes of all ages and abilities can be sidelined with injuries, whether minor or severe. This can be detrimental in one’s advancement in fitness, emotional health, and overall progress towards sports and activity goals.

The physical therapists at Peak Fitness and Physical Therapy will work together as a team with you and your physicians, coaches, trainers, and parents. We are dedicated in rehabilitating your injury, and more importantly in giving you the tools required to prevent future injury and become a better overall athlete.    

Injury prevention is an integral asset for a successful athletic career in both organized sports and individual fitness. Many non-contact injuries can be thwarted simply by understanding and executing proper body mechanics, posture, and movement techniques while engaging in your sport/activity.

We hold ourselves and our patients to highest standards with overall body health and wellness during their therapy sessions in order to allow optimal recovery and prevent future injury.

Return to play SAFELY and QUICKLY with our one-on-one physical therapy care!