Back Pack Battle

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With the beginning of the school year, the team here at Peak want to make sure parents know how to protect their children from back pack pain. Kids are going to complain about the summer ending anyway, but you don't want them to be complaining of muscle pain too. Here  are some tips to keep them happy, healthy, and without pain. 

How heavy is your child's backpack?

backpacksTo ensure greater safety, a backpack should be no more than 10% of child's weight.

100# child = 10# pack

Signs a pack is TOO HEAVY

  • Pain when wearing backpack
  • Tingling/numbness in arms
  • Red marks on shoulders
  • Leaning forward to carry

Protect your child's back and shoulder

From kindergarten through senior year in high school, there is one thing that remains a constant - homework! Wearing a backpack is the best way to transport everything you may need between home and school including books, pens, planners, extra clothes, snacks, etc. The problem here is overloading the pack. According to most experts, 15% of the child's body weight is the absolute limit for weight of pack, and 10% is a safer limit. Higher loads can cause injuries, especially in children with growing bones and muscles.

Tips to follow:

  • wide straps, light load (no more than 15% of body weight), A+, notice rounded shoulders, too heavy, wrongUse pack with wide, padded shoulders and back
  • Pack should contain multiple compartments to distribute weight
  • Always carry on both shoulders
  • Pack light
  • Reflective material for visibility


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