Running Gait Analysis

At Peak Fitness and Physical Therapy, we know runners.  We understand the aches and pains that come along with running -- and we understand the desire to get back on the road (or trail or track) again after an injury strikes.  We also know what it takes to keep runners moving pain-free and how to help them meet their own specific goals.  Whether you are a first-time runner, a seasoned veteran, or anywhere in between, we can help you enhance your performance and stay injury-free!


Who would benefit from gait analysis?

  • Runners who would like to improve their form to become more efficient and reduce their risk of injuries
  • Runners who want to enhance their running experience, prevent injury, and receive recommendations on footwear and exercise
  • Runners who have just returned from an injury and want to make sure they are not going to re-injure themselves
  • Runners who are experiencing mild pain or discomfort during or after running (runners with a current injury may need physical therapy prior to or in conjunction with the running gait analysis and evaluation


Running Gait Analysis and Evaluation includes:

  • Biomechanics video analysis of gait / running form
  • Musculoskeletal assessment, including alignment, strength, and flexibility
  • Footwear / orthotic recommendations
  • Individualized instruction in a therapeutic exercises to address deficits and gait retraining techniques to address faulty or suboptimal running mechanics 



Comprehensive running gait analysis and evaluation

  • 90 minute session, plus 30 minute follow-up
  • $220

Additional session for existing clients

  • $100 / hour


What to Bring?  

  • Current running shoes and orthotics (if using)
  • Contrasting running clothes -- ie dark shorts and lighter colored shirt
  • Signed Forms -- see below