Professional Bike Fit


  • Injury prevention:  Majority of cyclists sustain some cycling-related injury, most of those being overuse injury due to poor posture or pressure related injury at contact points, both of which can be mitigated through proper bike fit. 

  • Improve comfort and efficiency:  With better alignment, your joints are happier and more efficient, and your body is set up to produce more muscle recruitment and power on the bike. 

  • Ensure longevity of sport participation


  • Utilizing static and dynamic positions to analyze fit

  • Using video and laser technology 

  • Measuring joint angles and positions to protect joints and maximize comfort 

  • Dialing in measurements to the exact millimeter (mm) to ensure exact fit

  • Considering rider anatomy and cycling style to provide best fit


Tyler is a physical therapist with experience across multiple therapy settings and with specialty training in pelvic health. As a multi-sport athlete, Tyler has experienced overuse injury and learned the hard way the importance of proper bike fit in order to avoid injury.  Utilizing an in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, paired with a personal understanding of the sport of cycling, Tyler can get you set up for optimal, pain-free performance on a bike. With a passion to promote health and wellness with exercise, Tyler wants to keep folks healthy and able to participate in the sports they love. 



Comprehensive professional bike fit assessment:

  • 90 minute session, plus 30 minute follow-up
  • $220

Existing client -- 2nd bike:

  • $150

Existing Client -- additional fit sessions:

  • $120 / hour


What to Bring:

  • Bike -- clean and in good working condition
  • Regular cycling attire -- including shorts (biking shorts optional), cleats/shoes, gloves, helmet
  • Signed Forms -- see below